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Born out of a Strategic Need

RCG Realty team

RCG Realty was originally established as a creation of RCG to help our clients with their property transactions. Over the years, the company had noticed that beyond delivery of their project, many of the people RCG work with were wanting their property leased or sold. Historically, this process had always been outsourced.

RCG Realty closes this gap through the range of real estate, advisory and property management services that we offer. Increasingly, we’re working with clients to help them achieve the highest and best use for their properties and the most profitable outcomes. 


Our focus is on evaluating and creating the potential of property and spaces to support your wider business strategy. We help you understand the potential value of each transaction.

Our relationship with RCG means that we can also bring considerable architectural expertise to projects and developments: intelligent, pragmatic solutions that represent the best value for each property investment case.

If you’re looking for a unique mix of business intelligence and creative design thinking coupled with an enviable track record of tangible commercial results, talk with us.

A Successful Multifaceted Approach

RCG Realty assist their clients with concepts and a vision to create the highest and best use for their properties and deliver the most profitable outcome.  Furthermore, for simple agency work, RCG Realty now do this all in-house, and happily continued to work in conjunction with the main real estate agencies, to achieve the best possible result for its clients.

Our approach to property care and management is simple, with every action we aspire to maximise our clients return on their investment. This begins with understanding our clients’ business, brand and goals.


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